The Village Association of Northern Ii: Towards carbon neutral municipality

People living in small villages have their special needs and desires like all of us, but there can be problems with how to get their voice heard at the municipality level.The solution could be to set up a village association to work as a supervisor of the interests of the people living in the village. In Finland these kind of village associations are rather common, as there are almost 3000 registered village associations in the country. The reason why the village association of Northern li is relevant to TESS has to with the fact that the municipality of Ii is taking part in an ambitious national project: HINKU (“Towards carbon neutral municipality”). In the long run this means they are aiming to reduce their carbon emissions by 80 % from the level of year 2007 by year 2030. People in Northern Ii are actively supporting the municipality’s aim and promoting the transition to renewable energy, for example by providing consultation in purchasing solar panels or assembling geothermal heating systems in houses.

Reducing climate impacts; improving the local enviroment; developing self-reliant community
Northern Ii
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