Som Energia: The first Spanish renewable energy consumers’ cooperative

Som Energia (We are Energy) is a renewable energy consumers’ cooperative founded in 2011 in Barcelona, Catalonia that has engaged 20,000 members in less than 5 years – in the State of Catalonia and throughout Spain. Even though the founders designed Som Energia as a local organization, many groups in Spain contacted them early on in order to learn about possible replication of the cooperative in their regions. Within Som Energia, core members realized that a more widespread system would be beneficial for the cooperative and they decided to expand Som Energia to be active throughout the entire Spanish territory. This expansion has been carried out thanks to different local groups, composed of hundreds of volunteers advised by a technical office and professional team located in Girona. The team based in Girona manages the production and commercialization of energy while also offering support to the local groups. 

Reducing climate impacts; developing a self-sufficient community; improve local environment
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