Solidarity purchasing group Gasquilino

Gasquilino is a solidarity purchasing group settled in one of the most central neighbourhoods in Rome, but it is also one of the key activities of a much more complex and highly inspiring grassroots initiative. In 2011, a group of 10 families created Gasquilino, engaging some local suppliers to purchase organic food products. Today, after only 5 years, 60 households are involved and the group’s services reach around 150 people among families and friends. The group offers to its members an impressive range of products: from fruit (including oranges) and vegetables to meat, diary products, fish, jams, parmesan, yoghurt, eggs, sweet and salad pies, honey, wine, bread, and also artisanal soap, eco-friendly detergents, toilet paper and paper handkerchiefs. 

Community regeneration; enhancing community cohesion; developing a self-reliant community
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