Foodsharing Germany

The beginnings of the initiative can be found in two German cities, Cologne and Berlin, in 2012. In Cologne the online-platform was invented to allow private individuals to share still edible food which would otherwise be thrown away because they bought too much or because they are going on vacation. At the same time in Berlin, a similar initiative “lebensmittelretten” was founded by Raphael Fellmer, a motivated “dumpster diver”, who lives on food that would be thrown away by supermarkets. Several companies were contacted and asked to collaborate. The first supermarket to cooperate was the organic supermarket “Bio-Company” which allowed members of the initiatives, the so called “foodsavers”, to pick up the food that passed the best-before-date and would otherwise been thrown away. These two ideas developed in parallel and in December 2014 they agreed on joining forces as a common initiative named “foodsharing”.

Reducing climate impacts
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