Ecovillage of Bromarf

In the southern-most part of Finland, in a small village called Bromarf an ecovillage project was launched in 2000 and a plot size of 2.5 hectares was purchased. The Martha Association was one of the main funders of the project (together with local private sponsors), which aimed at providing altogether 20 residences mainly for elderly people and young adults. The following goals paved the way: new vitality to the village, enhancement of current building culture and of ecology, fresh entrepreneurship, energy economy, healthy building and increasing recycling awareness. Heating in the village is produced in their own heating plant by using woodchips and solar energy. The plant itself uses firewood logged from the local forests. With solar thermal collectors the villagers get their warm water during summertime, and also half of the warm water needed for spring and fall seasons. Most of the windows are placed to south side to make good use of passive solar energy. Waste water (domestic and sewage) is cleaned in the purification plant located in the village.

Community regeneration; creating employment; improving the local environment
Tammisaari, Brovmarv
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