Developing the energy strategy of Urnäsch municipality: linking stakeholder visions with energy system model

Energy strategy of the municipality of Urnäsch in Switzerland was co-developed by local population, stakeholders, and the expert. First, a visioning workshop was conducted in order to understand percpetions of the ideal-type future energy systems. Second, the collected energy visions were modelled with an energy system model and assessed using multi-criteria analysis. Third, the visions were given back to the involved stakheolder, members of the public, and experts, who adjusted their preferencs for visions. This case study revealed energy transition pathways that are more robust from both analytical and deliberative perspectives. The study had real-world impact because the municipality eventually decided to approve an official energy strategy.

Conduct stakeholder visioning workshops on the future energy strategy; assess the feasibility of these visions using energy system model; delineate measures to implement the strategy
Start/end year: 
2009 to 2011
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