The Calafou Collective in Catalonia

The Calafou collective defines itself as an industrial post-capitalist colony. It spreads over 28 thousand square meters of an abandoned textile colony. The project is an off-spring of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana, an autonomous alternative economic formation uniting hundreds of people for conducting economic exchanges and reciprocal actions and using its own currency. Calafou is located just outside the village of Valbona, Catalunya, and is a place for social, technological and political innovation and production, based on responsibility, cooperation, feminism and non-violence. Its terrains embrace 27 apartments and multiple working areas, among which spacious naves for industrial activity, crafts, arts, meetings and festivals. All these are accessible at below market prices and paid in conventional and social/local currencies. The factory and its apartments are being collectively acquired meaning that their residents receive a-right-to-use rather than certifications of private property.

Community regeneration; Enhancing community cohesion; creating alternative livelihoods
Vallbona d'Anoia, Catalonia
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