Agricultural nature conservation: Water, Land and Dikes

WLD (Water, Land and Dikes) is an organisation of farmers that has started as an agricultural nature conservation organisation. Because the organisation was able to get funding for projects, a wide knowledge base was developed that is used for discussing the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with the national government. WLD proposed to do a pilot. In total 4 pilots in 4 different regions were subsidised by the government, of which one pilot was done by WLD. In this pilot WLD practiced with being an ‘implementation organisation’ and developed new services. The pilot was meant to experiment with a new type of organisation, namely a so-called collective. Collectives are the new types of organisations that are positioned between the farmers and the government. Collectives did become responsible for distributing the payments available for agricultural nature conservation.

Make agricultural nature conservation associations responsible for the distribution of agri-environmental payments to the farmers in the area
Lower Holland
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