PATHWAYS Venice.jpg The PATHWAYS team at the project meeting in Venice



Together with our sister rojects ARTS and TESS, PATHWAYS will organise a session at the European Week of Regions and Cities on October 11 in Brussels. The main topics of discussion will be the impacts and dynamics of urban community-based initiatives and new approaches of research on urban transition pathways. In the same week, we will also discuss the final results of our and related projects in a workshop in Rotterdam (13-14 October).  



There are many case studies on local and regional transitions. Some of those look at community-based initiatives, others at higher levels such as cities or even countries. Until now, an overview of existing European transition case studies was missing. In a joint effort of the European FP7 projects PATHWAYS, TESS, and ARTS, a database of existing case studies was developed. The database is still under development, and in the coming months the database will be populated with many more case studies. Everybody is welcome to add existing case studies to the database, please send an e-mail to pathways@pbl.nl for instructions.




The EU FP7 project PATHWAYS is a unique project that explores the possibilities for transitions to a low-carbon, sustainable Europe. The essence of PATHWAYS is that it combines the analysis of different scientific approaches: integrated assessment modelling, socio-technical transition analysis, and initiative-based learning. read more